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Store Management

Store Director

Tim Mansfield

Manager General Merchandise
Josh Riley

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Amy Schatterman

Manager Perishables
Jared McGraw

HealthMarket Manager
Jared Rafferty

Assistant Manager Perishables
Adam O'Donnell

Kitchen Manager
Brandon Stevens

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Mike Wilson

Meat Market Manager
Curt Mohr

Certified Wine Specialist
Jared McGraw

New York-Style Delicatessen Manager
Teresa Gerber

Tristyn Rivera

Pharmacy Manager
Carrie Bull

Human Resource Manager
Kay Meyers

Produce Manager
Ryan Lindner

Product Manager
Jon Mozingo

Salad Bar Manager
Jen Clark

Dairy Manager
Andrew Porter

Wine & Spirits Manager (In-Store)
Shaun Carlson

Floral Manager
Codi Hultman

Customer Experience Director
Adam O'Donnell

Frozen Foods Manager
Chris Gillman

Starbucks Kiosk Manager
Ann Carpenter

Fuel Station Manager
Joe Dodson

Bakery Manager
Margaret Unakis

Garden Center Manager
Mike Wilson

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