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Melissa Arnold

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Melissa Arnold

Melissa Orf, RD, LD is your West Lakes Hy-Vee Dietitian. Melissa earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Iowa State University where she completed her Dietetic Internship as well. Melissa is a non-diet dietitian, passionate about helping others improve their relationship with food and their bodies. She assists her clients in adopting health enhancing behaviors such as Intuitive Eating, joyful movement and self/size acceptance. She is a HAES (Health At Every Size) practitioner, supporting the beauty that is body diversity, as well as promoting all aspects of health and well-being for people of all sizes. If you are interested in nutrition counseling without obsessing over the scale, and want to have a healthier relationship with food and your body, reach out to Melissa today!

Individual Nutrition Counseling - Prices vary by package

Your West Lakes Hy-Vee dietitian provides a wide range of programs and services - personal nutrition counseling, cholesterol screenings, certified diabetes education program, 10-week Begin program, luncheon presentations, supermarket tours, nutrition workshops, food allergy information, disease-specific needs and more!

By appointment. Meet with your West Lakes Hy-Vee dietitian to talk about your nutrition needs - diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, celiac and more. Make an appointment today by calling (515) 223-7389.

Community Programs - Prices vary
By appointment. A variety of health and wellness programs is available for your business or organization such as luncheon presentations, health fairs, cooking demonstrations, 10-week Begin program, diabetes education program, health screenings and much more. Your group can come to our store or the dietitian can come to you. For further information or to schedule an event, contact Amanda and Melissa at (515) 223-7389.

Diabetes Program - Register Any Time
Your West Lakes Hy-Vee is a certified diabetes education site. We have certified diabetes managers on staff as well as dietitians and are a recognized provider with many insurance plans. We offer group and one-on-one classes that are specific for your learning needs. Our program offers a total of 8 to 10 contact hours, and you can enroll at any time. For more information, please call (515) 223-7389 or stop by our pharmacy and pick up a brochure.

Personal Shopping Tour - FREE
Would you like to learn how to shop smart and begin eating healthier? Schedule a personal shopping tour with your West Lakes Hy-Vee dietitian today! Contact  Melissa at (515) 223-7389.

Cholesterol Screenings - $45 By Appointment
Did you know your West Lakes Hy-Vee dietitian provides cholesterol screenings? In only ten minutes, you will receive your total cholesterol, HDL/LDL and triglycerides, blood pressure, glucose and any metabolic risk factors. A dietitian will review your numbers and discuss the results with you. Make an appointment today by calling (515) 223-7389.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test - $45 By Appointment
The RMR test will tell you the number of calories your body burns per day at rest. Your West Lakes Hy-Vee dietitian will assess the results and recommend a calorie level to help you meet your healthy lifestyle goals. Make an appointment today by calling (515) 223-7389 or send an email.

A1c Test - $35 By Appointment
The A1c test can tell you how well you are managing your diabetes by measuring your average blood sugar level for the past two to three months. Your West Lakes Hy-Vee dietitian can check your A1c levels with a quick, easy and accurate test right here in the store. Make an appointment today by calling (515) 223-7389 or send an email.

Questions? Contact Melissa by phone or email!

Wellness Wednesdays - 10% off HealthMarket
Ten percent off every Wednesday on all HealthMarket items and organic produce at your West Lakes Hy-Vee.

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