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Rebecca Beaudoin

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Rebecca Beaudoin

Upon earning her Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Rebecca completed her dietetic internship at the Mayo Medical Center in Rochester, Minnesota.  She is a past president of the Omaha chapter of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and past secretary of the Nebraska state chapter of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Rebecca’s career has allowed her to experience many areas of dietetics including intensive care, morbid obesity/weight loss surgery, food safety, long term care, and marketing. Rebecca’s specialties include weight management, business and community presentations, and teaching families to cook and eat together.

Follow Rebecca on Instagram @rkbeaudoin and twitter @rdbeaudoin

Contact Rebecca today for all of your nutritional needs.

Angela Stevenson

angela stevenson

Angela received her master’s degree in public health nutrition from the University of Washington in Seattle. She completed her practicum with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, focusing on farm-to-school programs. Her internship included diverse settings, from hospitals and clinics to local school districts. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and participates in several interest groups as well as state and local dietetic chapters.

Angela has been a registered dietitian since 2013 and started her career working as the director of clinical nutrition services in a long-term care facility. Prior to this, she worked with the Hispanic population, providing bilingual nutrition services. She has several interests, which include trying new recipes and foods! She enjoys Hy-Vee’s environment and the opportunities to give nutrition presentations, offer nutrition counseling and grocery store tours.

Angela believes that being healthy starts with what you eat, and that starts with what you choose to eat. Starting with your grocery list, simple choices can have results that are life-changing. Being empowered through choices comes with learning and is maintained with a positive attitude. Angela looks forward to serving and assisting you in your health goals.

Personal Nutrition Counseling Sessions Available

  • Super Shopper - $62.50 Includes one-on-one nutrition counseling session (30 minutes) and a personalized shopping tour with a 5% discount on your grocery purchases the day of your tour.
  • Getting Healthy - $125 Includes one-on-one nutrition counseling session (30 minutes), two (15 minute) follow-up sessions and a personalized shopping tour with a 5% discount on your grocery purchases the day of your tour.
  • Making a Change - $250 Includes one-on-one nutrition counseling session (1 hour), four (15 minute) follow-up sessions and a personalized shopping tour with a 5% discount on your grocery purchases the day of your tour.

Rebecca and Angela, your Hy-Vee dietitian and food and nutrition experts, can help you reach your goals for weight loss, diabetes management, heart health or other nutrition concerns.  Contact them at (402) 384-9072 or by e-mail or to set up an appointment today.

Personal Shopping Assistance - FREE
Your local Hy-Vee dietitians are available by appointment to take a short walk through the supermarket to find healthier foods in every aisle. Get help with meal suggestions and receive guidance for special dietary needs such as low-sodium, low-cholesterol, gluten-free, etc. Contact Rebecca or Angela by phone at (402) 384-9072 or e-mail at or to schedule a visit. Take advantage of this FREE service.

Corporate Wellness - By appointment
Did you know that research has found that if people know their numbers (cholesterol, weight, body mass index), they tend to be more proactive in taking care of their own health? Contact Rebecca or Angela if you’d like us to come to your company to do cholesterol screenings, metabolic testing, weight loss classes or a series of nutrition presentations. Nutrition education and intervention is an effective way to improve health and save money on health care costs. Call to discuss your company’s wellness goals: (402)384-9072 or email or

Nutrition Presentation - $125 per hour - By appointment
Do you need an expert in nutrition to speak to your group? Contact Angela to discuss a topic you’d like to learn about. They can come to the group or your group can come to our store for a class or lecture in our Hy-Vee dining room or conference room located in the upper level of our store. Contact Rebecca or Angela to discuss. (402) 384-9072 or email or

Cholesterol Testing - $45 - By appointment
Did you know that we do cholesterol testing right here in the store? Contact Angela to schedule a complete lipid panel and glucose testing with a simple finger-stick. Fasting 8 to 12 hours is recommended (water and routine medications are okay). For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Rebecca or Angela at 402-384-9072 or email or

Personal Metabolism Screening - $65 - by appointment
This simple, painless test will help you know how many calories you burn each day. This information can help support successful weight control efforts. For testing accuracy, please avoid eating, drinking and exercise for 4 hours prior to screening. (Drinking water is okay). For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Rebecca or Angela at (402) 384-9072 or email or

Girl Scout and Boy Scout Store Tours & Nutrition Badges - $8 per Scout
Did you know that your Hy-Vee dietitians are here to help promote healthy eating for your Scouts? Your Hy-Vee dietitians will lead activities that help your Scouts earn nutrition-related badges. Contact Rebecca or Angela at (402) 384-9072 or email us at or to schedule your troop at the 90th and Center Hy-Vee.

BEGIN! Be Healthy. Be Fit, Be Happy.
A 10-week healthy lifestyle and weight management program. Your Hy-Vee dietitians present a series of small group and/or individual sessions to help you make better choices in your weight control efforts. Learn how to manage some of your eating dilemmas and make better food choices. Contact Rebecca or Angela for more information at (402) 384-9072 or email us or

Private Cooking Classes - price varies.
Your Hy-Vee dietitians can plan a cooking class here at the store or at your site. Topics vary. Give us a call to discuss topics, themes, price and location. Contact Rebecca or Angela for more information at (402) 384-9072 or email us or

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