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Alex Strauss

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Alex Strauss comes to West Lakes Hy-Vee with over 11 years of experience. He received a master’s degree from Loyola University and then went on to get an associate's degree in culinary arts from Kendall College in his home town of Chicago, Illinois. During this time he worked at numerous restaurants and hotels in Chicago, including the Drake Hotel. 

Moving to Des Moines at the turn of the century, Alex started a catering and personal chef company. During this time he taught cooking classes, won culinary awards and made local television appearances. Most recently he was at Gateway Market filling a variety of roles. 

Alex has traveled the world “on his stomach” picking up knowledge and recipes from around the globe. His main focuses at Hy-Vee are working with customers on recipe development, answering cooking questions, offering healthy dining options and helping on menu development.