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Redbox easy DVD rentals. With no late or hidden fees ever. 
Rent and Return your DVDs at your local Hy-Vee or one of their 17,000 locations.

Movies used to be more like shooting stars -- see them as they dazzled across the sky, but blink and you'd miss them; after a run in theaters, a movie would disappear until it, if you were lucky, played a revival house or somewhere in the 13-channel universe years later. But with VHS (and now DVD), movies became a lot more like comets, returning on a regular basis as they come to home video and then play in near-perpetuity in the ever-expanding universe of 500-plus cable channels. And while there's a lot to miss about that bygone age, there's also nice compensations to our more commoditized age, where you can catch any movie you like, when you like it, usually no more than four months after it played in theaters.



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