3 Things That Will Change Your Mind About Outdoor Winter Workouts

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3 Things That Will Change Your Mind About Outdoor Winter Workouts

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November 26 2018


Not a fan of the cold? Here are a few things that might change your mind about winter workouts. 

  1. Burn More Calories

    You might think the weather seems frightful, but you can use it to your advantage. Regulating your core body temperature demands energy, so taking a brisk walk in cold weather burns more calories than in warm weather. Studies that show that even shivering can burn energy. That said, it's important be safe by bundling up, carry a cell phone, and protect yourself from frostbite. 

  2. Vitamin D

    Our bodies can make vitamin D with just a little exposure to the sunlight. That's why when we spend more time indoors during winter, we might suffer the consequences of low vitamin D—a nutrient that's important for calcium absorption and mood-boosting serotonin. It only takes about 15 minutes outside on a sunny winter day to reap the benefits. 

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  3. Let Your Inner Child Out

    You don't have trek 25 miles on snowshoes to get a solid workout. Something as simple—and fun!—as building a snowman or making snow angels is enough to keep your moving in the great outdoors. So grab your hat and scarf and an extra set for Frosty and get outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Your hot chai tea will taste even better for it.

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