4 Stunning Sunflower Arrangements for Summer

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4 Stunning Sunflower Arrangements for Summer

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May 15 2019


We love bright yellow sunflowers! Pick or order these summer-favorite flowers from your local Hy-Vee Floral Department and get crafty with some of our ideas for displaying them in your own home.

  1. Sunflower Monograms

    Trace and carve a letter out of an OASIS sculpting sheet, following package instructions. Reinforce the monogram by wrapping florist wire around the form and cover with dry moss pinned in place. Moisten floral foam and insert 2-inch sunflower stems. Continue inserting sunflowers until entire letter is covered. Hang as desired. 

  2. Painted Crates

    Give sunflowers a stage to shine with a bright painted crate. Add potted plants and a vase of sunflowers from Hy-Vee, then place the display wherever cheerful color is needed.

  3. Lemon Vase

    Gather two sizes of round glass vases and put the smaller one inside the larger one. Place lemons in the gap, then fill the inner vase with water. Add sunflowers, green button mums and green hypericum from your Hy-Vee Floral department. 

  4. Assorted Glass Bottle Vases

    Collect bottles, jars, and glasses in a variety of shapes and sizes to add interest. Add water and a drop of bleach to each bottle to discourage microorganism growth. Then, cut stems diagonally and place a single flower in each bottle.