Healthier Halloween Treats

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5 Tricks for Healthy Halloween Treats

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October 22 2018
  1. Replace Candy Snacks with Popcorn

    Sweet and salty, ooey and gooey, popcorn balls made with low fat popcorn and mini marshmallows help curb the urge to indulge.

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  2. Deck Out the Veggie Cup

    Make veggies more fun to eat with Halloween-inspired labels, cute names, and delicious dips. 

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  3. Dish Out the Scary Berries

    When you need a chocolate fix, start screaming for berries. These white chocolate-covered Strawberry Screamers are made to look like ghosts with mini chocolate chip eyes.

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  4. Start the Fright Night Right

    The days surrounding Halloween are packed with candy temptations. Set yourself up for success by having a healthy breakfast and a healthy snack before Halloween parties or trick-or-treating. These Frosty Pumpkin Smoothies should do the trick.

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  5. Slice the Calories on Caramel Apples

    An entire caramel apple dipped in nuts and other toppings can have 500-plus calories a pop—not to mention more than 50 grams of sugar. Instead, make a platter of caramel apple nachos to share. Drizzle a little caramel topping over sliced apple rings and sprinkle with a small amount toasted nuts, trail mix, or granola.