21 Cookie & Bar Recipes to Bookmark for the Holidays

21 Cookie & Bar Recipes to Bookmark for the Holidays

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November 2 2018


When you're tasked with bringing a sweet treat to the bash, this is your go-to recipe list. We've got vegan. We've got gluten-free. We've got super easy. We've got cute and impressive. It's all here, just waiting for the party to start.

  1. Belgian Waffle Sandwich Cookies

    An easy-to-assemble sandwich cookie, all you do if make the filling, assemble, and dip. We used the Culinary Tours brand of waffle cookies.

  2. Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

    Turns out, you don't need butter and eggs to make a fantastic peanut butter cookie. You vegan party goers—and everyone else—will appreciate this one.

  3. Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

    We've tasted a lot of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, but none that taste as ooey-gooey and delicious as this one.

  4. Peanut Butter S'more Rice Crispy Treat

    Because everyone loves a good rice crispy treat, and everyone loves a good s'more. 

  5. Candy Cane Brownies

    Not that there's anything wrong with traditional brownies... this one's just ready for the holidays. 

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  6. Triple Layer Peanut Butter Brownies

    You had us at triple layer.

  7. Red Velvet Cake Cookies

    Need something super easy and holiday-ish? Here's what you can do with a box of cake mix plus 3 pantry ingredients.

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  8. Crazy Good Cookie Brownie Bars

    There's really no other way to describe these party favorites. 

  9. Snowball Cookies

    The kind of cookies people fight over. Snowball fight!

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  10. Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

    A 6-ingredient cookie that tastes like it has so much more. 

  11. Margarita Zingers

    We would be very happy if someone filled a pitcher with these cookies at an office party. They're a simple spin on store-bought sugar cookie dough. 

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  12. Melt-in-Your Mouth Chocolate Crinkles

    Soft and chewy and melty, yet a little crispy on top. What more could ask for in a cookie?

  13. Vanilla-Orange Pinwheels

    This from-scratch cookie has a mesmerizing holiday effect that's impressive, but not so impressive that you won't eat them.

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  14. Gingerbread Cutouts

    C'mon, you have to make them at least once a year, right?

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  15. Cereal Snack Bars

    Bring all your favorite cereals to the party—in one tempting chocolate-dipped bar.

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  16. Raspberry Linzer Bars

    It looks like a pie but bakes like nutty and sweet buttery shortbread bars. 

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  17. Pistachio Pumpkin Bars

    Because people can't get enough pumpkin this time of year, this 9x13 take on pumpkin pie is a great way to serve 24 guests ... or 12 with seconds.

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  18. Gourmet Pretzel Brownies

    For a salty-sweet take on brownies, plus a little crunch, you can't go wrong with pretzel brownies.

  19. Nanaimo Bars

    These silky, shiny bars are just what you want to sink your teeth into when a chocolate craving strikes. 

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  20. Caramel-Pecan Brownies

    Because for parties, ordinary brownies just won't do.

  21. Caramel Coconut Thumbprints

    A traditional holiday cookie with a caramel-ie twist. And by twist, we mean a pool of sweet, sweet, caramel in the center. 

    Get more cookie recipes & ideas from our Christmas Cookies Guide.

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