3 New Liquors for Your Favorite Craft Cocktails

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3 New Liquors for Your Favorite Craft Cocktails

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July 25 2018


In the craft cocktail scene, what’s old is new again. And by that, we mean we’re shaking up a few of our favorite old-fashioned cocktails using 3 recently released spirits. Row Vodka, Cross Keys 5 Year Aged Rum, and Finagrens Irish Whiskey are among the new arrivals for summer. Look for them in the Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits department.

  1. Old Fashioned

    Put an Irish spin on this iconic drink with a splash of Finagren's Irish Whiskey. We love it for its aroma of toasted raisin, soda bread, and its fruity-yet-dry medium body with a sweet honey finish. 

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  2. Mai Tai

    Treat yourself to a tropical drink with a smooth finish. For this, we used Cross Keys 5-Year Old Aged Rum, a handcrafted and small batch rum distilled and aged in Barbados in Heavy-Char White Oak Casks. It has aromas of whole nuts, vanilla, and caramel with a soft, dryish, spice flavor and toasty toffee notes.

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  3. Moscow Mule

    This popular gingery cocktail is made even better with Row Vodka, crafted from 100% American corn. Five times distilled, Row has a clean, smooth character and is easy to mix in cocktails. 

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