What's for Dinner?

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Getting organized can go beyond clean closets and sorted sock drawers. Turn over a new leaf and start planning a weekly menu. It’s really easier than you think and you’ll always know the answer to “what’s for dinner?”

If you’re new to menu planning, start simply. Just write down a week’s worth of your family’s favorite dinners on the calendar and note the ingredients you’ll need on your grocery list. Or easier yet, use one the weekly menus we’ve written for you. You’ll find a mix of old favorites and new dishes.

Planning a menu could also save you some money. Chances are, many of the ingredients you’ll need are in our weekly ad. You might even find a coupon or two to increase your savings. Or you could plan your meals based on what’s in the ad. See a great deal on ground beef? Maybe tacos or meatloaf will be on the menu that week. If a pork roast is on sale, buy one for the slow-cooker and a second to freeze for future meals. Shred a rotisserie chicken to use in soups or in casseroles. Pasta with sauce is always a hit. Remember, any leftovers can be reheated for lunches the next day.

For more ideas, check out our “Dinner? Done!” Pinterest board.

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