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Sweet Corn

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Any Midwesterner will tell you. There are few things better than a freshly boiled, grilled or roasted ear of sweet corn dripping with butter and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. We’ve heard stories of families rolling the grill right up to the patio table and serving up ears of corn hot from the grill.

Do you know how to choose the perfect ears of corn? Look for corn tightly wrapped in vibrant green husks. If they look dried out, skip them. The kernels should be plump, not shriveled. Don’t be tempted to shuck the corn too early. Keeping them chilled in the husks wrapped in a damp paper towel will keep the ears of corn fresh until you’re ready to cook them.

Speaking of cooking corn, here are five ways to cook sweet corn. Once it’s cooked, we’re partial to doctoring up our corn with herb butter, honey spice butter or chile pepper butter.

One more thing. Sweet corn season doesn’t last that long and winter be here before we know it. Freeze a few dozen ears worth of corn to brighten up those gloomy January days.

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