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Spooky Night

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Little ghosts and goblins will gladly swap their tricks for treats when you invite them to a fa-boo-lous family party this halloween. With ideas, goodies, costumes and decorations from your local hy-Vee, you’ll be ready in a snap for a spook-tacular time.

This holiday is as frighteningly fun for kids as it is for adults. What’s not to love about dressing up in costumes, knocking on doors to visit neighbors, snacking on delicious treats and giggling over a few spine-tingling scares?

This year, offer up even more Halloween thrills—and a few chills—by planning a Monster Bash. Hosting a party at home means kids stay safe and warm, you control the fear factor and everyone has a ghoulishly good time. And if you keep the guest list to family and close friends, you keep costs and stress levels low.

When you shop at Hy-Vee for cakes, candy, costumes and candy dishes, a Monster Bash is a snap, not a monstrous headache.

A Mysterious Mood

Set the scene for your party with a collection of creepy decorations from Hy-Vee. For instant scare appeal, ditch the tablecloth and drape your table with faux-cobwebs and eye-fooling plastic spiders. A scary tabletop tree and glittery “Spooky!” signs will create a festive mood. Make a bone-chilling backdrop for the festivities by cutting out poster board ghosts, or use a projector to cast a haunting image—a curved-back black cat or a dancing skeleton—on a nearby wall.

Every Halloween party requires an eerie play list. From iTunes.com, download favorite boogie-along tunes, such as “Monster Mash”

Dress the Part

At Hy-Vee, find the coolest costumes for the whole family—from parents to preteens to babies—plus the family pet. One of this year’s hot Halloween trends is costumes with historical connections, such as pirates and gladiators. You can make sure that everyone gets to dress exactly as they want. How about Mom donning full witch regalia, while Dad does a little jailhouse rock and Baby looks pretty, clad as a pea in a pod? Because Fido has always been a clown, let him dress the part.

Party Checklist

2 Weeks Ahead

  • Invite family and friends
  • Order a cake from the Hy-Vee bakery

1 week ahead

  • Buy decorations
  • Pick up nonperishable foods and snacks

2 days ahead

  • assemble treat bags
  • Put up spooky decorations

1 day ahead

  • Pick up cake and perishable foods from Hy-Vee
  • Prepare treats

1 hour ahead

  • Put on your costume
  • Help your kids get dressed
  • Get ready for a fiendishly good time

Try some of these fun Halloween recipes:

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Spicy Batwings
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