Seven Steps To Your Best Lawn And Garden

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The snow has melted and spring has sprung. Lawns are greening, trees are budding and color is returning as flowers come to life. Soon we’ll be firing up the grill and relaxing on the patio. Now is the time to get ready!

1 Plan Your Dream

Yards have the potential to take us to another place. They are alive with plants, animals and endless possibilities for growing, creating, smiling and relaxing. Imagine being transported to your favorite restaurant where you dine under the stars or a quiet park bench in a lush grove of trees or to pick blossoms in a flower garden like your grandmother nurtured. Your first step is to dream.

If you can imagine your perfect yard—you can create it. And the Hy-Vee Garden Centers are here to help.

Come see how Hy-Vee can help make your yard hard working and resort beautiful. We have everything from flowers to grills and smokers, vegetable plants to trees, furniture for outdoor dining rooms to living rooms.

2 Green & Lush Grass

Grow a toe-tickling carpet of lush green grass with Hy-Vee’s complete lawn care system. The step-by-step program features specialty lawn care products and fertilizers containing iron and sulfur, ideal for Midwest turf and soils. Follow the seasonal applications to grow a thick, healthy lawn that recovers quickly from stress and elbows out weeds.
Hy-Vee’s easy 4-Step Grass Program

  • Early spring: Hy-Vee Crabgrass Preventer— Put a stop to crabgrass by applying this preventer about the time forsythia is flowering. It contains the weedkiller Dimension, which works against annual weeds like crabgrass, foxtail grass, and goosegrass. Do not use this product if you plan to seed your lawn this spring.
  • Late spring: Hy-Vee Weed & Feed—Control more than 250 broadleaf weeds, including dandelion, violet, and clover, by applying weed & feed in late spring. The fertilizer in this blend enhances lawn color 60 to 90 days, thanks to a mix of slow release nitrogen and iron.
  • Early summer: Hy-Vee Insect Control—Kill 30 major lawn pests, including troublesome ticks, fleas, ants, and chiggers, by spreading this granular insect control in early summer.
  • Late summer: Hy-Vee Lawn Food—Thicken existing turf and give your lawn a fresh green-up heading into fall with this fertilizer. Sulfur coatings on granules ensure a continuous greening effect for 60 to 90 days.

3 Bountiful Blooms

Dress your outdoor living spaces with the eye-catching beauty of blooming flowers. Your local Hy-Vee Garden Center stocks quality plants adapted to Midwest summers and winters. Color your world with the newest roses, shrubs, perennials, or annuals. Midwest summers and winters. Color shrubs, perennials, or annuals

4 Backyard Garden

box gardenGarden beds and containers for easy-care color. These goof-proof beauties take gardening to a new level of low maintenance luxury. Simply tuck them into soil, provide plenty of water and let them grow. nance luxury. Simply tuck them into soil, provide Planting depths vary, but generally, bury bulbs. Follow planting on package labels. In sandy soil, plant slightly deeper than; in heavy soil, plant less deep.

5 Night Lights

Living this summer by outfitting your deck or patio to welcome family and friends. By drawing everyone out to enjoy the new outdoor furniture, you expand the livable area of your entire home wood decking.

outdoor rooms

6 Outdoor Rooms

Unwind. Soothe. Exhale. Step into a room where the cool, mossy grass carpets beneath your feet and fingers of sunlight rejuvenate your skin. Relax the day away on a canopied swing as a soft breeze carries the sweet scent of magnolia. Inside your plush, peaceful haven the minutes turn to hours while a pair of birds sing melodious tunes amidst bubbling waters. The sky darkens, lights twinkle from the trees and an incandescent fire flickers nearby. Let tranquility surround you in this elegant, natural extension of your home, your living room under the stars.

7 Hot Grills & Cool Smokers

The sizzle and pop of fresh steak hitting the hot iron grill. The crack of a peppercorn mill being turned over steaming ears of corn. Fresh lemons and sweet iced tea being poured over clinking glasses of ice. Spills of laughter, slaps on the back and shouts of greeting. The anticipation of the first juicy bite. The musky scent of marinade wafting through the neighborhood and warm, never-ending afternoons. It’s summertime and it’s happening in your backyard.


Have a lawn and garden question that has you stumped? Visit our Get Growing site and Jerry Kluver will answer your questions weekly.

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