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Pantry Spring Cleaning

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Are you still doing a little spring cleaning? Have you tackled the pantry yet? Chances are, you’ve got some stuff in there that you need to use. A stray can of beans or a forgotten bag of rice, perhaps? Maybe it’s just time to reorganize and refresh.

First of all, you need to do a little dirty work. Take everything out of that pantry. As you’re removing everything, check the expiration dates on unopened boxes and cans and toss anything that’s out of date. This is a perfect time to weed out any unopened items you know you won’t use. Why not donate them to your local food pantry? If there are any opened bags or boxes of food, make sure the contents are still fresh (if not, toss them) and they’re tightly sealed. Since your shelves are empty, wipe them off with a damp cloth before putting everything back.

Now comes the fun part. Shop your pantry! Turn those cans of beans into calico beans or black beans and rice. Pasta dishes love beans! They make a great protein source for a meatless meal. How can we skip tacos? Do bags of rice multiply in your pantry? Prepare a pilaf or maybe some rice pudding. Make a quick version of chicken and rice or a hearty rice and quinoa salad that would be great served with some grilled chicken or salmon. Pop the popcorn for chocolaty snack and use the cornflakes in a batch of cookies.

Check Hy-Vee’s Meal Solutions page for recipes ideas and ways for you to stretch your grocery dollar.

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