Dietitian Energy Bites

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5 Reasons to try Dietitian Energy Bites:

  1. Quick Pick-Up - when you feel like you need that “little” something, choose an Energy Bite. It’s nutritionally strong without being calorie-heavy.
  2. Great for lunches - Energy bites are a great go-to for something a little sweet that adds a nutritional punch.Dietitian Energy Bites
  3. Fuel your workout - Because a single Energy Bite offers at least 3g of protein and is low in total sugars, it’s a good before or after workout choice.
  4. Energy Bites make a great snack - add a piece of fruit for energy that lasts all day.
  5. Nutrition in a Bite - Hy-Vee Energy Bites offer about 130 calories per bite, and they pack that bite with 2g of fiber, 3g of protein and only 4g of total sugar.

This information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a medical professional for individual advice.

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