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Tips for Pregnancy Nutrition

Tips for Pregnancy Nutrition: Main Image
Baby on the way? If so, make sure the stork drops off some vitamins early. An article on the website, Nutraceuticals World, discusses some of the key nutrients and vitamins a mother and developing baby need, regardless of the trimester. Folic acid, for example, can significantly reduce the risk of neural tube or spinal cord defects, and should be taken throughout the pregnancy. Vitamin B12 supports the energy levels of expectant mothers and also benefits the neural development of babies. Iron supplements are also often necessary to protect against anemia. Prenatal multivitamins are a good idea, and should be taken from the time a woman is trying to conceive, through the pregnancy, and while the baby is being nursed. Women who are over the age of 35 often have different nutritional needs during pregnancy, and it is crucial that they remain aware of the nutrients needed to ensure their baby’s health. Of course, all soon-to-be moms should consult their health care provider about the best ways to maximize their nutrition through foods and supplements.

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