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Reserving a Time

This feature that will allow you to reserve a pick-up or delivery time slot for up to 2 hours.  

Start shopping with confidence knowing that you have reserved your preferred pick-up or delivery time when you start filling your cart rather than hoping it will be there at the end!

Note:  To reserve a time slot, you must first log in to your account.

To begin, click the 'Reserve Time Slot' button on the shopping cart.

Reserving Time Slot - Shopping Cart

On the reservations screen, click the day you prefer and then choose from the available time slots by clicking on the 'Select' button.

Reserve Time Slot - Selection

Your shopping cart will now display your reservation, and when your reservation is set to expire.

Reserving Time Slot - Shopping Cart Display

You can click 'Change' to extend your current reservation, or select a different time slot anytime you like. We will also message you prior to your expiration time.

Reserving Time Slot - extend

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