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Locker Pickup Instructions

Locker Image

1.  When choosing your store on Aisles Online, select "Pickup" from the menu.

Screenshot showing the choice between delivery and pickup

2. Enter a city or address that is near the locker into the Search field and press Search. Then find the desired locker within the list of locations and select it as your pickup location.

Screenshot of the Select Pickup Location screen     Screenshot of the Select Pickup Location screen showing a locker location being selected

3.  Shop Aisles Online, adding items to your cart and completing the online checkout process.

4.  Once your order is placed in the locker, you will receive an email with a PIN and barcode you will use to open the locker door(s).

5.  At the locker, swipe the button on the screen to the right to begin.

locker swipe right to start

6.  Enter your PIN or scan the barcode in the email using the barcode scanner on the locker.

locker enter pin

7.  A screen will appear displaying the lockers for your order. Your lockers will also be have a light on them to help you identify all of the lockers associated with your order.

locker heads up display

8.  The lockers will remain unlocked for several minutes. You can unlock them as many times as needed using the same PIN.

9.  When you have collected your items, press the 'Finish' button on the screen.

10.  If you need any assistance, press the 'Help' button on the screen or contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-772-4098.

General Questions
Email or Call 1-800-772-4098