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Getting Started

Shop the way you want to shop. From anywhere, at any time.

Hy-Vee makes it easy to shop for your groceries online.

Shop by department: Shop online just as you would shop our stores in person. Fill your cart with fresh items like produce, eggs and deli meats and cheeses. Move on to pantry staples like canned vegetables, pastas and snacks. Grab a few frozen pizzas, chicken breasts and some ice cream. Don’t forget the household goods and health and beauty items. You can also choose a sub-category in each department to help get you to the items you want to purchase quickly.

Shop by the weekly ad: Page through the weekly ads and add items directly to your cart. Sort items by dietary consideration, brand, Fuel Saver and package sizes.

What I buy: If you have a Fuel Saver + Perks card attached to your account, you can filter by "What I Buy". This feature will display items you have previously purchased using your Fuel Saver + Perks card.

As always, you can search for specific items to add to your cart.

To simplify your shopping experience, you can create a shopping list of frequently purchased items.

Add to Shopping List: To add to a new customizable list, click on the notepad icon. A screen will pop up prompting you to create a new list. Enter a name for the list and click "+ Create New & Add".

Adding items to your cart from a list:
• Click on the gear button, then choose "My Lists"
• Choose your list from the dropdown menu
• Place a check mark next to the items you would like to add to your cart, then click the "+ Add to Cart" button.

Find a new recipe on and order your ingredients. 

It's a one stop shop: From you can view and search for your favorite recipes. Each of these has the option to select specific ingredients and add them to your Aisles Online Cart. Go from concept to reality - your computer to your kitchen - we can help you plan and execute your meal from start to finish. 

Still have questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to questions you might have.

General Questions
Email or Call 1-800-772-4098