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About Jerry Kluver

About Jerry Kluver

Jerry has had a love for gardening since he was a small child growing up in western Iowa. He brings over 40 years of retail greenhouse and nursery experience to Hy-Vee.

Wife: Faylene, married for 43 years

Children/grandchildren: 4 sons, 4 daughter in-laws and 13 grandchildren

Loves most about his job: Solving garden problems (especially the challenging ones) and finding consumers the products they need. Making customers smile.

Words to live by: “Just get it done!” (The word can’t is not in Jerry’s vocabulary.)

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends. Taking long drives in his 1930 Model A Ford. Relaxing in his yard by working with annuals and perennials and doing tests and trials of new introductions in horticulture.

Favorite flowers: Impatiens, Vinca, Roses and Lantana

Favorite food: Iowa pork chops

Best green thumb advice: How to get rid of Creeping Charlie and White Clover in lawns. How? Use a broadleaf weed killer mixed with Spreader Sticker. Apply to lawn using a dial sprayer 3 times, 10 days apart.

Worst gardening experience: Stolen tomatoes! After planting 9 beautiful new garden tomato plants, Jerry awoke to find they were stolen in the middle of the night. The next night, someone stole 11 more. Despite being frustrated, Jerry replanted and had a bumper crop.

Hardest plant to keep alive: China Doll, a tropical houseplant. The China Doll is easily overwatered and dies instantly upon receiving too much water. Tip: Be sure to replant your China Doll plant immediately after purchasing in a larger pot with more soil. The additional soil around the roots helps absorb extra water and prevent overwatering.

Favorite color: Why green of course!