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New Substitutions Feature Launches on Aisles Online

May 30, 2018 | Technology

To better serve our growing segment of online shoppers, we’ve enhanced the “substitutions feature” for Aisles Online purchases. Now, when customers select an item that’s out of stock, they’re presented with a range of substitution recommendations. This product offering is based on the purchasing habits of all Aisles Online customers. A future enhancement will be to personalize the results to individual shopping habits, to increase the likelihood that one of those products will be what the customer needs if their first choice is not available.

In addition to this enhanced substitution list, customers also are able to choose when they do not want a substitution for a particular product if that product is unavailable. Previous to the rollout of this enhancement, customers could only choose “yes” or “no” for substitutions and could not specify what was an acceptable replacement. This feature now allows the customer to provide another option so their complete order can be fulfilled.

Substitution Screen

This new enhancement was rolled out to all Aisles Online customers in April 2018 after a pilot earlier this year with Des Moines-area customers.