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Introducing “My Frequent Purchases” in Aisles Online

November 8, 2017 | Technology

My Frequent Purchases

Imagine your local Hy-Vee having a personalized aisle stocked with the items you and your family love and purchase on a regular basis. What if you could also browse that same aisle to discover sales and Fuel Saver discounts on all your favorite items? Your shopping experience would change drastically.

Look no further! We recently created that experience and convenience with the “My Frequent Purchases” section in Aisles Online. Hy-Vee customers who use their Fuel Saver + Perks card in the store or have previously made Aisles Online purchases will now see a “My Frequent Purchases” section that is populated with all their go-to items. Customers can browse this page for sales, Fuel Saver discounts, and digital coupons on their frequent purchases. Now you can save precious time and money by filling your cart from this page instead of searching for every item on your list.

Give it a spin and let us know what you think! Happy shopping!