Store Management

Store Director

Rod Dolph

Manager General Merchandise

Brian Schaefer

Delicatessen Manager

Philip Kennison

Manager Perishables

Donovan Sigwerth

Floral Manager

Steven Kay

Manager Store Operations

Scott Bartlett

Frozen Foods Manager

Chris Downing

Assistant Manager General Merchandise

Cassidy Schaefer

Fuel Station Manager

Dave Grenko

Assistant Manager Store Operations

Mike LeCure

Health & Beauty Care Manager

Ashleigh Creel

Certified Wine Specialist

Zach Hassler

HealthMarket Manager

Jaclyn Gilliam, MS, RD, LD

Certified Wine Specialist

Brian Schaefer

Italian Express Manager

Lisa Crossland

Certified Wine Specialist

Donovan Sigwerth

Kitchen Manager

Steve Brown


Riley Epperson

Meat Market Manager

Steve Noble


Gerardo Hernandez

Pharmacy Manager

Marrianne Ryno


Lindsey Koelling, RD, LD

Produce Manager

Charlie Wellinghoff

Human Resources Manager

Joe Shanks

Salad Bar Manager

Miles Sansing

Product Manager

Donald Woodruff

Seafood Manager

Curtis Vitzthum

Bakery Manager

Guy Shelden

Starbucks Manager

Deborah Volkart

Chinese Express Manager

Lisa Crossland

Wine & Spirits Manager

Zach Hassler

Dairy Manager

Rick Johnson

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