Store Management

Store Director

Gary Swearingen

Manager General Merchandise

Greg Erickson

Bakery Manager

Andrew Shaw

Manager Perishables

John Turnbull

Dairy Manager

Tim Buchholz

Manager Store Operations

Jared Adams

Delicatessen Manager

Stacey Johnson

Assistant Manager General Merchandise

Paul McKinny

Floral Manager

Shauna Thompson

Assistant Manager Perishables

Aaron Cunningham

Frozen Foods Manager

Tim Buchholz

Catering Manager

Toni Cardin

Fuel Station Manager

Hugh Key

Certified Beer Server

William Nelson

HealthMarket Manager

Shauna Young

Certified Wine Specialist

Greg Erickson

Kitchen Manager

Christopher Kelly

Certified Wine Specialist

William Nelson

Meat Market Manager

Al Dorrel

Certified Wine Specialist

John Turnbull

Meat Service Manager

Dave Lakey

Cheese Specialist

Angela Lakey

Pharmacy Manager

Stephanie Head


Megan Shamleffer, MS, RD, LD

Produce Manager

Dave Johnson

Human Resource Manager

Whitney Larson

Salad Bar Manager

June Malden

Product Manager

Adam Blome

Seafood Manager

Mavrick Damitz

Product Manager

Lisa Humble

Wine & Spirits Manager

Troy Koeppe

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