Store Management

Store Director

Chad Seely

Manager General Merchandise

Michelle Shearon

Dairy Manager

Curt Farley

Manager Perishables

Jodie Hitchcock

Delicatessen Manager

Teresa Hobbs

Assistant Manager General Merchandise

Danelle Hungerford

Floral Manager

Becci Tiesman-Day

Assistant Manager Perishables

Jon Paton

Frozen Foods Manager

Curt Farley

Assistant Manager Perishables

Amber Riedel

HealthMarket Manager

Angela Dykstra

Assistant Manager Store Operations

Brad Gerber

Italian Express Manager

Holly Kuhse

Certified Wine Specialist

Mike Samuelson

Kitchen Manager

Zane Sandusky


Zane Sandusky

Market Cafe Manager

John Barger

Customer Care Education Manager

Brandi Carney

Meat Market Manager

Kevin Heeren


Beth Freehill, MS, RD, LD

Meat Service Manager

Michael Wessels

Human Resources Manager

Wannette Moore

Pharmacy Manager

Manreet Kalyan

Product Manager

Ashley Murphy

Produce Manager

Patrick Fineran

Bakery Manager

Tom Quinlan

Salad Bar Manager

Tom Molitor

Chinese Express Manager

Zhi Zhou

Seafood Manager

Kris Krause

Coffee Shop Manager

Kim Smith

Seafood Manager

Kris Krause

Convenience Store Manager

Brenda Randecker

Wine & Spirits Manager

Mike Samuelson

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