Crisp and Tender Chicken


An American favorite, golden brown, crisp and tender and perfect with friends and family. Includes mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, green bean casserole and fresh ciabatta rolls. Meal includes tableware and condiments. Starting at $7.99 per person. Delivery available for $15.

Choose your meal serving size:
Serves 12 - $95.88
Serves 16 - $122.24
Serves 20 - $148.60
Serves 24 - $174.96
Serves 50 - $346.30
Serves 100 - $675.80
Additional sides/desserts/beverages available:
Greek Feta Bowtie:  view
Green Onion and Egg Potato:  view
Napa Valley Cashew Chicken:  view
Rainbow Rotini:  view
Classic Cherry Cheesecake:  view
Decadent Chocolate Lover's Cake:  view
Key Lime Pie:  view
Mile-High Turtle Cheesecake:  view
Canned Soft Drinks on Ice: 
Bottled Water on Ice: 


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