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Ready...set...go. It’s time to up your game and make a commitment to your health. Hy-Vee dietitians created the begin® program to help you develop a winning strategy.

Grab a healthy breakfast each day and you could lose weight this year. But skip breakfast and you’re likely to overeat at lunch, plus you’ll probably snack more, says dietitian Elisa Sloss, a Hy-Vee retail dietetic supervisor. She answers questions, below, about the begin® weight management program.

What is the begin® program?
It’s a 10-week healthy lifestyle and weight management program led by a Hy-Vee registered dietitian. We focus on healthy eating, weight control, exercise and overall good health. Each class is held in a local Hy-Vee and lasts about an hour.

How do you measure success?
I meet with people individually first to help them set their own goals; success for one person may be losing weight while for someone else it could be lowering their blood sugar. At the beginning and end of the program, we offer a biometric screening that measures cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, weight and body measurements. People see the impact of the changes they are making on their health.

As a professional dietitian, why do you think the begin® program is so successful?
We talk about whole health, not just dieting. So there’s the healthy eating portion, but also exercise, wellness and emotional well-being. All of these parts work together to make you a healthy person. The 10-week begin® program gives me time to work with people individually and help each of them improve holistically.

Do you give people practical tips?Sure. We talk about what healthy food portions look like and explore ways to control hunger. I demonstrate how to prepare healthy foods that taste great—like grapes and oranges— and where to find them in the store. We explore ways to become more active.

Can anyone join?
Yes, we have group classes and individual classes in all our stores. In our group classes, each participant meets individually with a dietitian at the beginning and end of the program to set personal goals and measure success.

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