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Holiday Sides

The tastiest, most comforting side dishes are the bells and whistles we simply can’t do without. Now’s your chance to change up your routine. Play with flavors. Tweak a family classic. Add new flair to the traditional lineup.

Everyone has a favorite dish

One that they anticipate all year long, knowing it will appear at a special gathering. Perhaps the recipe comes from an aunt or grandmother. It’s a dish that no one messes with and one that says “home” and “I love you” in every bite.

For many families, green bean casserole is a Thanksgiving must-have. It’s true. A recent survey commissioned by the Campbell Soup Company estimated 30 million households proudly serve this comfort food every year. The traditional recipe, created by Campbell’s in 1955, calls for green beans, cream of mushroom soup and French-fried onions. It’s delicious, quick to make, easy to remember and leaves room for creativity. See our colorful fresh take on this recipe, page 51, which offers something smooth and crunchy that will wow your guests.

Unexpected dishes like these make holiday cooking fun. Use this opportunity to introduce flavorful new tastes that give a not to the past. To put a fresh spin on foods, we reached for cheeses, smoky meats and bakery breads to revive, renew, and re-create traditional favorites.

Because it’s often hard to choose just one or two sides for the holiday feast, we provide a delicious assortment that are well suited to the busy cook. You’ll find several make-ahead possibilities. Our “Sausage, Fennel and Apple Stuffing” is a good example. Cut up and dry the bread cubes the day before and store them in an airtight container. Wash and prep vegetables, brown the sausage, chop herbs and measure out seasonings.

For our “Candied Pineapple Sweet Potatoes,” you can roast the sweet potato mixture ahead, then reheat it just before serving. The same goes for oven-roasting other root vegetables or blanching fresh beans for our “Green Beans.” Sauces hold in the refrigerator for a day. Crumb toppers, however, are best made and sprinkled on a dish just before popping it into the oven. If oven space is limited, time everything so you can bake one dish at a time along with the turkey. Bake one or two more dishes while the turkey is cooling.

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