A Harvest of Vegetables

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Root vegetables are underground parts of vegetables that are edible, namely the roots of plants. Many root vegetables are nutritionally rich and high in vitamin C, fiber and complex carbohydrates.

4 Ways to Use Root Vegetables

Roasted Root Veggies
Roasting brings out the essential sweetness in root vegetables and creates a crispy brown exterior.

How-to: Scrub vegetables clean; leave the skin on for more fiber or peel instead. Cut vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Toss with olive oil to coat lightly and evenly. Put veggies in a shallow roasting pan or on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt, ground black pepper, chopped herbs or spices to taste. Roast in hot oven (375 to 425 degrees) until vegetables are tender and browned, about 30 minutes.

Mashed Root Veggies
Mashed potatoes are well-known. However, other root vegetables like parsnips, turnips and celery root are also delicious mashed - either on their own or with the more traditional potato.

Root Veggie Chips
Plain potato chips will seem boring after you try sweet potato chips, parsnip chips, taro chips or carrot chips.

Root Veggie Soup
Root vegetables add flavor, nutrition and bulk to soups and stews. When cut into bite-size pieces, most root vegetables take about 20 minutes to become tender when boiled. Root vegetables also make great bases for smooth soups. Just cook until tender, puree and add them to your favorite creamy soups.

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