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For your well-being, every prescription filled at Hy-Vee goes through PRESCRIPTION SAFETY VERIFICATION before you take it home. This important safety verification includes the following:

  • PERSONAL RECORD - Verify your contact information.
  • PRESCRIPTION ACCURACY - Ensure all prescription details are entered correctly.
  • ALLERGIES - Review your personal health record for known allergies.
  • OVER-THE-COUNTER INTERACTIONS - Look for unsafe interactions with off-the-shelf medications you’ve told us about.
  • PRESCRIPTION INTERACTIONS - Review your current prescriptions for potential interactions.
  • APPROPRIATE DOSAGE - Review your personal health record to confirm the dosage is right for your age, gender and health conditions you’ve told us about.
  • REFILL FREQUENCY - Check whether your refill is too early.
  • CORRECT MEDICATION - Visually inspect the medication and confirm label for accuracy.
  • ELECTRONIC CHECK - Perform an electronic check to ensure previous safeguards have been completed.
  • CONSULTATION - Inform you about important information and answer questions about your medications.
Hy-Vee Pharmacy Solutions
Specialized Pharmacy Services

Hy-Vee Pharmacy Solutions is your complete source for specialized pharmacy services. We combine high-quality clinical care with the support, care and counseling needed to treat chronic, complex medical conditions.

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Quitline Iowa

We understand quitting is about more than just not smoking. Learn more about Quitline Iowa.

Health & Wellness Forum
Dietitian Advice And Guidance

At Hy-Vee we know you want to keep yourself and your family healthy. That's why we are offering this Health and Wellness forum as a resource for making lives easier, healthier, happier.

Hy-Vee Pharmacy
Prescription Safety Verification

For your well-being, every prescription filled at Hy-Vee goes through Prescription Safety Verification before you take it home.

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