Flexible Spending

Hy-Vee accepts Flexible Spending account cards.

What is a flexible spending account?
A flexible spending account (FSA) allows you to save money on health care expenses by paying with pre-tax dollars saved in a flexible spending account maintained through your employer.

How it works

  • You designate a percentage of your paycheck to be deposited into your pre-tax flexible spending account.
  • You submit receipts for your prescriptions, over-the-counter health products and co-payments to your account administrator.
  • Your expenses are reimbursed with pre-tax dollars from your flexible spending account.
  • You spend less out of pocket.

FSA CardFSA Eligible Items

What over-the-counter items are eligible for my flexible spending dollars?

Over-the-counter products used to treat symptoms of injury and illness are eligible for flexible spending reimbursement, according to the IRS. Some examples of FSA items: first aid kits, bandages and thermometers.

When you purchase items most likely to be eligible for flexible spending reimbursement, they are marked with a "H" on your Hy-Vee receipt.

Categories containing FSA-eligible items

Diabetes Management
Alcohol, Alcohol Wipes & Swabs
Artificial Sweeteners & Flavorings
Diabetic Creams & Lotions
Diabetic Lancets
Diabetic Monitors & Test Strips

Eye & Ear Care
Contact Lens Accessories
Contact Lens Cleaners
Contact Lens Disinfectants & Storage Solutions
Contact Lens Enzymatic Cleaners
Contact Lens Eye Drops
Contact Lens No-Rub Solutions
Ear Drops & Wax removal
Ear Plugs

First Aid
Adhesive & Liquid Bandages
Alcohol, Alcohol Wipes & Swabs
Anti-Itch Relief Creams
Anti-Itch Relief Lotions & Gels
Anti-Itch Relief Ointments & Bath Treatments
Anti-Itch Relief Sprays
Antiseptics & Topical Antibiotics
Cold & Hot Packs

Incontinence Briefs
Incontinence Guards
Lotions & Towelettes
Incontinence Pads
Incontinence Liners
Protective Underwear
Women’s Health Devices

Skin Care
Acne & Blemish Astringents & Toners
Acne & Blemish Cleansers & Face Washes
Acne & Blemish Treatments
Acne & Blemish Gels & Cleansing Pads
Acne & Blemish Powders & Concealers
Acne & Blemish Soaps & Sponges


FSA-eligible items that require a prescription

Allergy & Sinus
Asthma Medications
Eye Drops & Ointments
Household Items For Allergies
Allergy Medications
Nasal Sprays, Drops & Strips
Sinus Medications

Cough & Cold
Children’s Cough & Cold Medications
Cough Drops & Syrups
Cold Medications
Nasal Sprays, Drops & Strips
Sore Throat Medications
Sugar-Free Medications
Zinc Lozenges
Cough Medications
Cold & Flu Medications

Pain Relief
Arthritis Pain Relief
Back Pain
Children’s Pain Relief
Pain Relief Creams
Pain Relief Gels
Cold & Hot Packs
Hemorrhoid Care
Lotions & Sprays
Menstrual & PMS Pain Relief
Migraine Pain Relief
Non-Aspirin Pain Relief

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