Cooking Up Kitchen Fun for Kids

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Summer is here and school’s out, meaning many moms and dads will be looking for ways to keep the kids occupied during the long summer days. Classroom lessons may be over, but scientific experiments can occur right in your very own kitchen. Why not stir up some fun in the kitchen with these tasty food concoctions?

Treasure Maps
Place 1 slice of lunchmeat on 1 slice Swiss or provolone cheese. Roll up like a treasure map and wrap to secure with a blade of chives.

Nacho Sundae
In a dish, top cinnamon pita chips with fresh sliced strawberries, a dollop of vanilla or strawberry yogurt and coconut shreds.

Melon Pops
Slice watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew into 1/2- to 3/4-inch-thick slices. Cut out circle shapes with a biscuit cutter. Slide a Popsicle stick into bottom of each circle to make a lollipop.

Fruity Porcupine
Halve a cantaloupe and remove seeds. Place one half cut-side-down on plate. Thread grapes, pineapple chunks, cantaloupe chunks, strawberries and maraschino cherries on wooden kabob sticks. Starting at the bottom of the cantaloupe half, insert skewers into cantaloupe half to make a “spiky porcupine.”

Peanut Butter Fondue for Apples
Cut red and green apples into bite-size chunks. Insert a toothpick into each chunk. Combine 1/4 cup peanut butter with 2 tablespoons honey; stir well. Dip apple chunks into peanut butter mixture like fondue.

Rainbow Bright
Arrange fruit and vegetables on a plate of all the colors of the rainbow, in the shape of a rainbow: strawberries, cherry tomatoes, cantaloupe, carrots, bananas, yellow bell pepper, kiwi, celery, blueberries and grapes. And make sure to put a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow made of vegetable dip!

Carrot Patch Cones
Combine 1 container whipped cream cheese with 2 tablespoons ranch seasoning mix. Fill large ice cream cone cups with cream cheese mixture.
“Plant” baby carrots by sticking them halfway into cream cheese mixture.

Many of our Hy-Vee stores offer cooking classes for kids. Find your local Hy-Vee dietitian’s schedule and classes for kids at

The information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a medical professional for individual advice.

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