Dog Spots on Lawn

We have a new home. The sod has been in for about two months, and now I have found that my dog is burning the lawn when she urinates. What can we do? Read Moreread more

Fall Grass Planting

I have been told it is best to plant grass seed in the fall. Although my lawn looks green, I do have some areas that look bare and thin. Please give me your recommendations for planting grass seed. Read Moreread more

Removing Stalks From Lilies

The stalk on one variety of our lilies is dry and easily removed while the other stays green and is hard to remove. Is it OK to cut it off? When should I transplant daylilies? Read Moreread more

Trimming ScheduleTrimming Schedule
Keep your plants and trees looking great all year round. Jerry Kluver has put together a trimming schedule for you to reference.
View the trimming scheduleread more