Cutting back Elijah Blue Fescue

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I have several Elijah Blue fescue which are matted down from the snow. Should I cut them back? Read Moreread more

Help for Apricot Tree

We have a five-year-old apricot tree which never had fruit until last year. The fruit grew until they were about the size of extra-large black olives and then stopped growing and dried up. We use fruit tree spikes. What can we do to have fruit? Read Moreread more

Mildew AffectingIimpatiens

Last year my impatiens died early on. I was told it was because of mildew and that it will remain in the soil so I should plant something else this year. Is there anything I can do to treat the soil? Read Moreread more

Trimming ScheduleTrimming Schedule
Keep your plants and trees looking great all year round. Jerry Kluver has put together a trimming schedule for you to reference.
View the trimming scheduleread more