Amending Clay Soil for Grass & Plants

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I recently moved to a new development area and have been told that clay is under the sod. What can I do to make my yard more agreeable for planting bushes, flowers, and trees? Read Moreread more

Growing Grass in Shady Areas

Much of our backyard is shady and the grass is now gone. What do you recommend for shady areas? Read Moreread more

Ridding Strawberry Patch of Crabgrass

We started a new garden in what had been a lawn area. I planted strawberries and they have done very well. However, we have a huge crabgrass problem within the patch. What can we use? What can we use to deter rabbits? Read Moreread more

Trimming ScheduleTrimming Schedule
Keep your plants and trees looking great all year round. Jerry Kluver has put together a trimming schedule for you to reference.
View the trimming scheduleread more