Helping Trees Produce Fruit - What to Use for Fertilizer?

I have several different kinds of fruit trees, but last year only the peach and cherry trees produced fruit. What can I use to help them? What can I use so the fruit is not buggy? Can I use rose fertilizer on the trees and my garden? Read Moreread more

Clematis Care

Q: We planted five different types of clematis this year and not one of them has developed blooms. The vines are not big and healthy. do. We do fertilize them. A: Your clematis may be in need of more calcium. Read Moreread more

Hydrangea Plants

Q: We have two hydrangea plants both with abundant foliage. Each has only two blooms. What can we do to force more blooms? A: Give your hydrangeas some bone meal, hydrangea food and Miracle Gro Miracid per package instructions. Read Moreread more

Trimming ScheduleTrimming Schedule
Keep your plants and trees looking great all year round. Jerry Kluver has put together a trimming schedule for you to reference.
View the trimming scheduleread more