Tree Trimming

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Is it too late [December] to trim my trees? Read Moreread more

Feeding Oak Tree

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Q: We didn't feed our two-year-old oak tree this fall and I believe it is too late for that now. [November] Should I still water it and, if so, how much longer should I water it? Bob - Mitchellville Read Moreread more

Planting Shrubs/Trees

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We want to plant a shrub or tree that will grow no taller than 12 to 15 feet tall. We don't want something with a wide root base. The house faces west and we would like something with good color. Any suggestions? Read Moreread more

Trimming ScheduleTrimming Schedule
Keep your plants and trees looking great all year round. Jerry Kluver has put together a trimming schedule for you to reference.
View the trimming scheduleread more