Medicare Part B

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Attention Medicare Part B Patients:

Diabetes Testing

  1. Wide selection of major brands
  2. Ability to fill a 90-day supply

Hy-Vee pharmacists do much more than fill prescriptions. We are dedicated to monitoring your medication regimen, answering questions and helping with all your health care needs. Recently our Medicare customers have asked about a Department of Health and Human Services letter explaining a national mail order program for diabetic testing supplies. That program is simply one option you have for your diabetes-related needs. Rest assured, Hy-Vee continues to fill diabetic supply prescriptions through Medicare Part B. If you currently pick up your supplies at one of our stores, you can continue to do so. If you would like to switch to Hy-Vee, stop in and visit with us. Our staff would be happy to transfer your prescriptions and answer any questions about your Medicare coverage.

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